What Do you Have To Know About Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper?

dye sublimation paper

What is the heat transfer sublimation paper?

First, there is a special polyester coating on the heat transfer sublimation paper. This coating does a good job of keeping the ink inside the paper and then transferring it to the substrate when it is heated. Sublimation paper is equivalent to a carrier of sublimation ink, which is then transferred to the product.

What do we need to do to prepare?

First, of course, an inkjet printer containing dye ink must be prepared. Normal printer ink will not work on sublimation paper. Of course, you can’t print dye ink on regular paper, that won’t work either. In short, you need dye-sublimation paper, dye-sublimation ink, and a dye-sublimation inkjet printer.

What is the process of sublimation?

Sublimation is relatively simple. After we get the dye sublimation printed with the pattern, we use the dye sublimation ink and press it into the polyester fabric using a heat press machine. In fact, the principle is that the sublimation ink is heated and turned into gas, and the polyester fabric will absorb the ink. After cooling, the gaseous ink will return to its solid state, and the ink will remain on the product forever.

Points to consider when choosing the dye sublimation paper:

When you’re looking for a sublimation paper, what you want is high quality. Therefore, the sublimation paper must have the following characteristics: high transfer rate, fast drying speed, no fading, and not easy to crack.

High transfer rate:

Of course, when checking out the sublimation paper, you first need a product with a high transfer rate. Products with a high transfer rate tend to print out good-quality patterns and save ink. The transfer rate is more than 98%, and the better the printing quality.

Drying speed:

Some dye-sublimation papers take longer to dry, so you may have to wait a few hours for the ink to dry after printing on the paper. You can’t even touch the paper during this process, as it can easily smudge. Therefore, our requirements for sublimation paper must have the requirement of fast drying. We should be looking for this.

Ink saving performance:

We can rely on the ink-saving ability of the ink to save money on consumables. If there is any saving on ink or any additional overhead, we should try to find it. It must mention that the dye sublimation paper with higher gsm has a better ink-saving ability.

heat transfer sublimation paper

Our sublimation paper:

For the best sublimation paper, you can check out our SUBLICOOL sublimation paper. It possesses quality Quick-drying, waterproof, and good ink-saving performance. And it is not easy to fade, and the price is affordable. You can use it in plush toys, carpets, home textile products, and many other places. Besides dye sublimation paper, we also supply high-quality dye sublimation ink and dye sublimation inkjet printers.

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