What fabrics can be used for DTF printing?

DTF printer

In previous articles, I wrote about DTF printing technology and the step-by-step process. Now let’s talk about the versatility of DTF printing and what kind of fabric it can be printed on.

Sublimation printing is mainly used for polyester fiber, not cotton. Screen printing is better because it can be printed on a variety of fabrics, from cotton and organza to silk and polyester. DTG printing is mainly applied to cotton. What about DTF printing?

1.Polyester fiber

Polyester print is bright and vivid. This synthetic fabric has a wide range of uses, including sportswear, casual wear, swimwear, Outerwear, including lining. They are also easy to clean. In addition, DTF printing does not require pretreatment like DTG.


Cotton fabric is more comfortable than polyester. Therefore, they are popular choices for clothing and household items, such as decorative lining, bedding, children’s clothing and different professional items.


Silk is a kind of typical protein fiber, which is developed from the shell of mysterious crawling larvae. Silk is a kind of natural strong fiber, because it has excellent tensile strength and can withstand great pressure. In addition, silk texture is known for its glittering appearance due to its three sided crystalline fiber structure.


DTF printing is also suitable for leather and PU leather! The result was good, and many people swore about it. It is durable and its color is gorgeous. Leather has many uses, including making bags, belts, clothes and shoes.

DTF is suitable for synthetic materials such as cotton or silk, polyester or rayon. Their fabrics are bright and dark. They look great. The printing can be stretched without cracking. The DTF process is superior to all other printing technologies in fabric selection.

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