What factors affect the ink consumption of DTF printers?

DTF printer

DTF shirt printing machine is a very popular printer in the industry at present, but there are many factors that affect the ink consumption of DTF printer. Next, Sublicool will introduce the factors that affect the ink consumption of DTF printers.

1.The amount of ink jet of DTF printer depends on the color coverage. Different colors have different color coverage, and the printer consumes different amounts of ink. For example, for the same wide format printing, if the color coverage is 100% and 10%, the ink consumption of the former must be higher, which is only one reason. The other reason is that it also depends on the print quality or the effect you want to achieve by pixels. Similarly, for an image, the higher the accuracy you set, the more ink consumption will be. On the contrary, the lower the setting accuracy, the lower the ink consumption.

2.From the analysis of the printing accuracy of DTF printing machine, we all know that the higher the printing accuracy, the better the printing effect, but it also means the greater the ink consumption, so pay attention to adjusting the printing method.

3.The factor that affects the ink consumption of DTF printer is waste ink. In general, the amount of waste ink of DTF printer is closely related to the stability of the printer. Under normal circumstances, the largest source of waste ink is nozzle cleaning. A lot of ink is wasted every time the nozzle is cleaned. If the DTF shirt printer has stable performance and is not often blocked, the amount of waste ink will naturally decrease.

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