What factors will affect the print head of a DTF printer?

DTF printer

When using the DTF printer, pay attention to the maintenance of the print head. Let Sublicool share with you the things that are easy to affect the printheads of DTF printers.

1.During the daily use of DTF printer, install and remove relevant circuits of DTF printer at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior will affect the service life of each system and easily cause damage to the print head.

2.Use inferior ink or fill different batches of ink randomly. Mixing different configurations of ink will change the color and quality of the ink. Poor quality ink will affect the printing effect, block the nozzle, and poor quality cleaning fluid may corrode the direct printing machine nozzle.

3.The cleaning and maintenance of the Sublicool DTF printer nozzle are incorrect. For example, the entire nozzle is immersed in cleaning fluid. The cleaning solution is corrosive. Generally, only a proper amount of it is introduced into the nozzle for cleaning. In addition, problems may arise if the detergent stays in the nozzle for too long. Soak the cleaning solution for a long time to remove stains more effectively. However, if the time exceeds 48 hours, the nozzle will be affected.

4.When cleaning the printing head of the direct printing machine, do not pay attention to protecting the internal systems such as the circuit board. Please turn off the power when cleaning, and be careful not to splash water on the circuit board and other internal systems.

5.Use external force to adjust the print head position irregularly. Do not use brute force to replace or fine tune the print head. Please carefully handle the print head according to the specifications.

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