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What Gifts Can You Make With Sublimation Ink Printers?

sublimation ink printers

Heat sublimation is considered a heat transfer printing technique, where a transfer is made to a special paper and then the substrate is placed on the inked transfer paper. As the Sublimation Ink Printers heat up, the ink adheres to the substrate and stays there for a long time. As the design is completely integrated into the substrate, you cannot feel it at all.

And heat sublimation printing is very versatile and can be used for many holidays, such as Valentine’s Day. There is a huge market for on-demand personalized gifts and souvenirs, and with this printer, you could lead the way.

Heat Sublimation Printed Couple Home

Pillows printed with the same or similar patterns can be used as Valentine’s Day gifts. Very thoughtful and practical. So Customized by clients, the tailor-made souvenirs are a blend of elegance and first-class artwork. A customized sentence printed on the pillow will be more memorable.

Personalised Pillowcase

Couple pillowcases are a more romantic gift, like wedding anniversaries, wedding bedding, etc. can be used with special commemorative significance. So, you can use a heat sublimation machine to transfer a high-definition photo onto the pillowcase for a unique memory. The sublimation process will not affect the original feel.

Couple pyjamas

Great for ordering a set of pyjamas on Valentine’s Day. So, Dark and light-coloured textiles highly overlap with our prints and are perfect for unique Valentine’s Day gifts, choose sublimation paper for fabric to create the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. At-home couple’s pyjamas can be not only innovative but also practical and will surely add to the cosy feeling of life.

dye sublimation printer

Apart from that, couple shirts are also a hit for Valentine’s Day gifts.

In this way, Couple shirts are also popular for young people nowadays, especially on special holidays like Valentine’s Day. And If you add a special pattern and text on top of the couple’s clothes, it will be very competitive and very memorable. We can customize the couple shirts according to the relevant patterns designed by customers.

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