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What Industries Are UV Inkjet Printer Popular In?

UV DTF printer

UV Inkjet Printer is popular in the market because of its wide range of printing materials and high printing quality. Many people are in favor of it and want to enter the industry. As a novice in the printing industry, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the industry and products you want to start. It is better to choose what you are familiar with and interested in as the direction of development. UV Inkjet Printer has different specifications and different applications. Today, SUBLICOOL introduces the industry opportunities of UV machines for you.

1. Personalization industry

Personalization is a very popular industry nowadays. Some people are interested in DIY. And the investment cost of private customization is not high. A small UV machine is easy to start, and there are many market opportunities. So many newbies will start UV printing services from private customized cups and cards and so on. Relatively speaking, the cost is lower, and the return is faster.

2. The leather UV inkjet printing industry

UV printing on the surface of leather can improve the added value and beauty of the product. According to the customer’s idea to print the pattern they want, the price of the product is also increased.

3. Application in the building materials industry

Nowadays, most of the decoration walls are made of glass bricks and tiles. Very hot in recent years. Especially the relief background wall is widely popular, not only in high demand but also in high added value. However, it is worth noting that this is not just the use of UV machine can be. Also need an airbrush, engraving machine, laminating machine, and other professional equipment.

4. Digital products industry 

Many people are no strangers to this industry, which can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, mobile phone cases. The DIY customization of mobile phone cases is very popular. An ordinary plastic mobile phone case with UV printing costs less, but can be sold for about 20 yuan. Therefore, this activity also pays for itself relatively quickly. The demand for customized mobile phone cases is also very strong. In addition, there are other digital products such as iPad cases, mice, and keyboards that can be customized and also fall under UV printing services.

UV Inkjet printer

5. Shaping the craft industry

UV DTF printing in the crafts industry

The application of UV printing in the handicraft industry is very wide, embodied in many low-priced shopping malls on a variety of small objects. Like combs, packaging shells, wine bottles, decorative paintings, glasses frames, and so on. Hundreds of materials can print by UV printers in the print pattern and then printed on the target object. The industry has a very bright future and is worth trying. However, it is worth noting that the industry is very territorial, usually concentrated on the origin of the goods.

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