What ink does DTF Printer use?

DTF ink

DTF ink is a special pigment designed for cyan, yellow, magenta, white and black. DTF pigment ink is specially designed for direct film printing and thermal transfer printing. White ink is the basis of printing, and color pigments print patterns on film.

Sublicool provides high quality DTF ink, which is compatible with all popular DTF printers and Epson print heads, such as i3200, 4720, DX5, etc. It has high color fastness, is not easy to fall off, and can withstand numerous washing cycles without fading. White ink circulation system, filter impurities, prevent clogging. It supports CMYK+W 6 color printing, with richer colors, and can print multiple colors and fabrics. These inks demonstrate the perfect color and fabric properties. They are water-based inks, environmental protection, harmless to the body, applicable to all kinds of fabrics, cotton, polyester, etc.

Sublicool DTF ink is a fully automatic film printing process. No fading and cracking after washing. This pigment ink formulation reduces clogging and drying of the print head. It can withstand numerous washing cycles without fading. It also has excellent washing performance, dry and wet resistance, abrasion resistance and low temperature resistance. Cut and transfer the printed film to textiles, fabrics, clothing, T-shirts, hoodies, cups, coats, jeans and other clothes… All textile materials and colors can be printed through the hot press transfer machine. There is no limit on printing position. For example, cuffs and collars can also be printed.

Sublicool uses advanced and practical technology to provide mature DTF textile ink, as well as perfect after-sales service. Welcome to purchase.

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