DTF pet film


DTF pet film

DTF pet film, also known as white ink heat transfer film. It is suitable for many different garment materials: cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, and light and dark-colored fabrics. We can apply it to different types of surfaces such as luggage, shoes, and even glass, wood, and metal! You can apply your design to various goods by using DTF film.

In terms of technology, we can divide it into single masks and double masks. In the early stage of white ink heat transfer. We can use the single mask in the market at the beginning. But most of the machines in the early stage were not mature enough to cause slipping and misalignment. So we may choose a double mask to prevent it. It is slippery. In fact, it applied the double mask with one more layer than the single mask, so there is also a more stable process and a cleaner powder-shaking effect.

Comparison and upgrade

DTF white ink printing film is a new type of printing film. In fact, some upgrades have been made in various aspects. The white ink printing film uses water-based ink, which is more environmentally friendly. They are bright, high degree of color reproduction, have no water, are not easy to get wet, have no sticky edges when powdering, are solvent resistant, no powder falling. The sticky powder is uniform, the white ink has good ink absorption, and the powder is clean. The degree of restoration is high, the color of the finished product is bright, the layers are continuous, and the front and back are easy to distinguish. We usually coat the back of the white ink printing film with a glossy or matte layer to increase the anti-slip, anti-sticking, and anti-static properties of the film.

Some features of DTF pet film

The DTF pet film is made of environmentally friendly materials and imported processing equipment. The product has passed the relevant certification and has the characteristics of good waste discharge and easy tearing. We can use it on different materials and has the characteristics of no deformation, such as rubbing resistance and stretch resistance. Can face extreme weather, sun, rain, cold or hot weather, without fading and deformation.

The pattern after ironing has the texture of PU glue, strong stretching resilience without deformation, and softer hand feeling than glue (30~50% softer than the pattern printed with oil-based coating film). Compatible with most of the inks on the market, 100% ink can be printed at will, with no ink accumulation or flow. The surface of the film is dry, and it can sprinkle with 200-mesh ultra-fine powder without sticking to the powder. We can easily hot terminate it, warm terminate it, and could terminate it. Exclusively owning the most cutting-edge core key technologies in the industry, it is more advantageous to control the quality and stability and use the power of technological innovation to lead the development of the industry in a new direction.

DTF pet film


Our products are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, clothing printing and dyeing, clothing production printing, clothing fabric printing, textile printing, advertising production, leather printing, glass, ceramic printing, luggage leather printing, car decoration, non-woven fabrics, photos, craft paintings, hanging flags, kite fabrics, silk, and other polyester printed fabrics for outdoor leisure products. White ink printing film can provide customized services. In addition to supplying the domestic market, DTF printing pet film has been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other places, and the product quality is reliable.

Usage and Precautions

Firstly, the ink-absorbing coating surface is the printing surface. We should handle it with care during use. And pay attention to the anti-scratch ink-absorbing coating. Secondly, it can be baked for 40~90 seconds after printing (adjust according to the performance of the hot melt powder) temperature. You can choose 60-80 mesh hot-melt powder to achieve instant tearing. And we can recommend 100-150 mesh hot-melt powder for warm tearing or cold tearing. And it can recommend hot-melt powder above 150 mesh for cold tearing. Just remember: store in a dry place and pay attention to moisture.

Then after printing and sprinkling hot melt powder. If the baking temperature is too high or the baking time is too long, white spots may appear on the surface of the pattern. This is because after the hot melt powder is formed into a film, the slow-drying agent in the ink cannot. After volatilization, it can cool the gas to form mist crystals on the surface of the pattern. This whitening phenomenon will gradually disappear after a few days of storage and contact with air. And will not affect the beauty of the pattern in the later stage. Finally, pay attention to the transfer pressing temperature of 140-160 degrees, within 6-10 seconds. According to the different meshes of hot-melt powder and the temperature zone of the fabric, we can adjust to the most suitable temperature zone to easily achieve hot tearing.




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