What is DTF white ink?

DTF ink

DTF white ink is used to create the basis for your design color and then bond with the DTF adhesive powder during the curing process. They must be thick enough to form a decent base, but thin enough to pass through the print head. It contains titanium dioxide, which will deposit at the bottom of the ink cartridge when not in use. Therefore, they need to be shaken regularly.

In addition, they can cause the print head to jam easily when the printer is not used frequently. It can also damage ink lines, dampers and capping stations.

It will help if you shake the white ink cartridge gently from time to time to prevent titanium oxide precipitation. The best way is to have a system that automatically circulates white ink, so you can save the trouble of manual circulation. If you convert an ordinary printer to a DTF printer, you can purchase parts online, such as a small motor for pumping white ink regularly.

However, if you do not operate properly, you may cause the print head to be blocked and dry, resulting in damage and expensive maintenance costs. You may even need to replace the print head and motherboard, which may cost a lot.

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