What is sticky sublimation paper?

tacky sublimation paper

Sticky sublimation paper is a new type of sublimation paper developed according to the needs of some customers. It can effectively solve the ghosting, deformation and other problems caused by the displacement of the cloth and transfer paper. Especially suitable for more elastic fabrics. It can increase transfer rates, which are on the rise abroad.

Features of Adhesive Sublimation Paper

During the transfer process, the sticky sublimation paper sticks firmly to the paper to avoid blurred image edges and loss of image detail due to displacement during the transfer process.

How to use sticky sublimation paper?

1.Print the pattern on sticky sublimation paper with sublimation ink and let it dry.

2.Place the printing paper on the fabric to be transferred (print side down) and stamp it with a press. The pressing temperature is 200~210 degrees Celsius, and the time is 25~30 seconds. It will stick to the paper, tear the paper after cooling slightly and the pattern will transfer to the fabric.

Application of sticky sublimation paper

Adhesive sublimation paper can be widely used in various chemical fiber and blended fabrics, especially elastic fabrics.

How to store sticky sublimation paper?

Adhesive sublimation paper is highly hygroscopic, please be sure to store it in an environment with humidity below 70%, tie a plastic bag tightly, and store in a cool place away from light.

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