Dye sublimation printer

What Is the Application of Dye Sublimation Printer?

dye sublimation printing

Dye sublimation printer is one of the new technology in the printing industry and this technology is useful in a variety of fields. And here are some main applications for dye-sublimation printed products with a calendar of directly with the latest generation plotters.


There is no doubt that flags in many shapes and sizes are the most common application. In this way, the item used most is a flag and its weight of it is 90-110g/m2 with good “two-sided” capacity.


Another application is producing advertising banners. And the most commonly used item is the fabric in weights of 130-140g/m2. Though it is not durable but very cost-effective.


Dye sublimation can apply in the production of t-shirts for all sports. So the fabrics are one-way and two-way stretches in a variety of weights and weaves.

Canvas and frames:

It can use for hanging advertising, which may be backlit. And The item is usually warp-knit fabric 220 g/m2 whose slight stretch helps it adhere perfectly to the sides, which eliminates kinks and folds.

Shopping bags:

So the items most frequently for shoppers are non-woven fabrics in a variety of weights and weaves.

Household items:

You can advertise gadgets or bespoke items to mark special people or moments in life.

Finishing and sustainability:

So, as you imagine, dye sublimation printing represents a large slice of the production of visual communication gadgets.

One of the most advantages of the application of the dye sublimation printer made using the combination of polyester/sublimation is they are “totally green”.

To achieve the optimum and contrast quality standards, not only can you need an appropriate plotter and/or calendar to make the articles, it is just as essential to have great machinery for cutting, sewing, and finishing the products.

Then finishing is usually the important point that enables a company to gain market recognition as a specialist, creating the ideal conditions to stand out from the crowd and increase business opportunities.

sublimation inkjet printer

Inflatables and gazebos:

So a lot of fabrics are useful to make inflatables and reproduce products or brands on a large scale. And the same fabric can use to make bespoke gazebos. So these applications demand using fabrics with special finishing processes which guarantee that they are flameproof and waterproof. When finishing items will use for long periods of time, it is clear to opt for fabrics offering higher levels of resistance: anti-money, weather, and UV light resistance.

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