DTF printer

What is the powder shaker of DTF Printer?

DTF printer

With the development of printing industry, after DTF Printing became popular, DTF Printer powder shaker gradually appeared in front of us.

The powder shaker is just a machine that automatically applies hot melt powder. Initially, the powder shaker can be manually shaken and reheated. Yes, but with this powder shaker, it can automatically spread powder, shake powder, heat and dry, and one-stop printing of heat transfer products, improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

DTF Printer powder shaker all-in-one machine does not need to pick up cloth. Pure cotton, chemical fiber, nylon and other fabrics can be used. The DTF Printer powder shaker has low printing cost, high efficiency, simple operation, stable and reliable machine, low white ink concentration, is not easy to block the nozzle, and has good color fastness. Like DTF printer, DTF Printer powder shaker is automatic and intelligent in design. It is equipped with simple buttons, easy to learn and operate. After professional training, novices can be competent for operation and production.

Therefore, the powder shaker of DTF Printer is popular with many customers in the printing industry.

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