What Is The Solution For Color Block In Transfer Film Printer?

DTF film printing machine

Transfer Film Printer in the printing process will appear color block is the main reason for printhead problems, usually we need to print a test strip before using the Transfer Film Printer to see if the printing effect is normal. What should we do if a test strip is printed or a color block appears during the printing process? What causes color blocking in DTF printers? Let’s discuss the following.

1. The printhead voltage instability

The printhead of the transfer film printing machine is a piezoelectric printhead, which prints by spraying ink through a certain voltage. If the printhead voltage is not stable. It is possible to print the color block, the solution requires a voltage regulator to stabilize the voltage can be.

2. Printhead data line wear

As a result of a long time to print, DTF printer printhead data line will also have wear and tear, or transmission problems. The solution can try to replace a few more data lines, and then print a test strip test can be.

DTF transfer printer
DTF transfer printer

3. DTF Printhead clogging or pollution

Printhead is directly affecting the color of the important accessories. Once the problem naturally affects the printing effect, it is not surprising that the color block. Solution can be deep cleaning nozzle and then print the test strip. If the depth of the cleaning nozzle can not solve the problem, it is recommended to replace the new nozzle Oh.

4. Printhead clogging how to deal with?

The printhead of the DTF printer needs to be kept wet at all times in order to carry out the printing work better. So what should you do if you haven’t started your DTF machine for a long time and the printheads are clogged? The first way is to use the equipment comes with the cleaning function to clean a few times. If the problem can not be solved. Then the use of a syringe will be cleaning fluid into the nozzle inside the moderate cleaning. Generally minor ink blockage can be solved.



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