What is the workflow of a DTF printer?

  1. Prepare the pattern to be printed, use PS software to color, retouch and cut out the picture, and then lay a white ink layer through the spot color channel, and thicken the white ink in the light-colored part, and the printing effect is better.
  2. Open the professional printing software for data analysis, transfer the pattern to be printed to the heat transfer printer through data, and prepare to start printing
  3. The offset heat transfer printerstarts to print, the white color comes out at the same time, the color is below, and the white is covered. It can print patterns of any color. The printed pattern is hollowed out, and there is no need for lamination and lettering.
  4. Output to the powder shaker for automatic powder feeding, powder shaking, and even powder shaking
  5. The belt conveys the heat transfer and heats the hot melt powder. The temperature is about 160 degrees Celsius. The whole baking process takes about 2-3 minutes. The baking is uniform and the dry and wet rubbing fastness of the pattern is increased.
  1. Cut the heat transfer after shaking the powder, and press it with a heat transfer press machine. The temperature is controlled at about 160-170 degrees Celsius, and the heat is pressed for about 18-20 seconds.
  2. After standing for 1 minute, cold tear the film, the customized T-shirt is completed, soft to the touch and beautiful color

The above is the entire production process of Sublicool’s offset heat transfer printing powder shaker. The process is simple and quick to use. One person can operate a machine, and two people can work together to form a production line. It is very suitable for entrepreneurship, e-commerce and street stalls.

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