UV DTF sticker

What Is Useful Information About UV DTF Sticker Printer?

UV DTF printing

UV DTF sticker printer is using a novel and unique digital printing method. Its principle is to use ultraviolet rays to cure UV inks. UV lamps inside the printer dry the ink as it is distributed on the substrate. And the ink then adheres to the substrate.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, this UV printing method and ink transfer form can also apply to many materials, such as plastic, acrylic, foam, etc. So we now use him for a lot of things like flyers, billboards, mug stickers, and bottle labels.

Can it be printed with regular ink?

No, it needs special UV ink. Because UV printing uses high-intensity ultraviolet rays instead of heat, the ink is cured and adsorbed on the substrate. Therefore, the requirements for the ink are very high. No matter what the material is, the ink needs to dry immediately. Best of all, no VOC, ozone, or toxic fumes may not release into the air during the printing process. This is a requirement for companies pursuing sustainable development.

Some advantages of UV digital printing:

Compared with traditional printing, UV has greater advantages.

Short construction period:

UV dries instantly due to UV curing. So we can save more time and shorten turnaround time.


UV-curable inks can have better abrasion resistance and mark resistance.

Printing quality:

The color of UV-cured ink is clearer and more vivid than the traditional ink

Environmental protection:

UV ink itself and its printing process basically do not release VOC.

Applicable varieties:

Almost all hard materials can be printed.

Therefore, UV printing is very popular and can be widely used in commercial and industrial markets.

Application of UV printer:

What can we do with a UV printer? Here are some ideas for you. If you want to get some business opportunities with a roll UV printer.

Glassware, teacups, mugs, teapots, thermoses, and more. Billboards, posters, unified brand logo customization, Christmas decorations, Easter eggs, etc.

UV DTF sticker printer

How to get some UV printing products?

If you dare not try UV printers easily, for the time being, you may be deceived. And then I suggest you can get samples first. And you can find local digital printing companies to obtain UV service products. If some companies only offer paper printing or banner printing, that means they only have large format printers. Then you can consult SUBLICOOL, we can send you samples. If you feel good, you can consider buying a UV printer, and we will provide follow-up pre-sales and after-sales services.


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