DTF printer

What kind of environment does DTF printing machine need?

DTF printer

For digital printing technology, now is the breakthrough period of rapid development of technology. It needs the cooperation of nozzle, ink and machinery to accelerate the improvement, maturity and leap of technology. The price of DTF printer is relatively high. It is basically an industrial printer suitable for mass and large-scale production. Once it is put into production, its task is to print for tens of hours and kilometers in a row. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the machine on weekdays.

The environment of DTF printer machine should be kept clean:

1.Dust prevention should be carried out indoors. It is not allowed to be placed in an environment prone to smoke and dust. It is best to clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner;

2.Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. Generally, the temperature is about 25 degrees and the humidity is about 60%;

3.Keep the surface of the machine empty and do not place any objects, especially liquids;

4.There should be no commonly used household appliances near the machine. Keep away from large magnetic field and electric field.

5. Regularly repair and maintain some important parts and components, and timely repair in case of wear and failure.

6. Develop a good habit of daily inspection. Pay attention to the printing effect when printing, and solve problems in time.

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