Can you print any shirts by sublimation printing?

sublimation ink

Sublimation printing mainly occurs in the field of photography after digital cameras and marketing photo gifts. Although not specifically designed for printing T-shirts, it has become one of the most common applications.

Can you print any shirt through sublimation?

Not just those shirts that are 100% polyester (or at least 65%) and white or transparent enough. The sublimation on the T-shirt has a long service life and excellent touch. Using sublimation printer and sublimation paper for sublimation, you can start a profitable business.

Why should they be white shirts? Because sublimation ink is transparent, if we sublimate the seal on black clothes, the seal image will not appear, or if it is on a piece of color ink and loses its strength and actual color due to the background color.

This can be explained by a simple example: what happens when you take a piece of color paper and print it with a traditional printer? Black or dark characters in the printed image disappear, or at least the color is lost and invalidated. So to sum up, sublimation paper is suitable for white or clear enough non cotton t-shirts.

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