What should be paid attention to when applying inkjet sublimation printer?


No matter what kind of inkjet sublimation printer, we should pay special attention to the maintenance when applying it. Not only because the price of digital printing machine is expensive, but also the maintenance of the machine is time-consuming and laborious, and it will cost a lot to replace new parts.

1.After the sublimationdigital printer is completely turned off, turn off the switching power supply and network cable, otherwise the printing port and PC motherboard will be seriously damaged. cause excess damage.

2.When using the equipment to print out, first check whether the two sides of the printing machine are parallel planes, whether it will cause uneven printing of the clothing, resulting in consumption.

3.Regularly maintain the ink pump and ink pad of the printing machine. Printer ink cartridges, if the ink pump does not rotate or the rotation speed cannot meet the needs of ink supply, the ink supply motor will run continuously. Immediate replacement is required. Ink pads are not slack. It must be fixed and fixed to maintain the nozzle.

4.Before starting the machine, observe whether there are deposits on and around the printing machine. To improve the environmental sanitation around the natural environment of the equipment, check the supply of ink every day. When the ink is about to bottom out, you need to replace the ink immediately to prevent the gas from being sucked into the ink tube.

5.After standby, control the digital sublimationprinting head to the original position, so as to prevent the print head from being cleaned again when the machine is turned on next time, which will consume a lot of ink, and the print head will suffer from the sealing performance of the protective cover in the original position. In that case, the nozzle is not easy to be blocked, which ensures the service life of the nozzle and the equipment, and saves the cost of ink supply in large quantities and the saving of natural resources.

No matter what type of printing machine is used, it is unlikely that it will not cause common failures, but if you notice some problems, take precautions. This will reduce the cost of the product and get more profit.

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