dye sublimation printer

What Should I Know About Dye Sublimation Printer?

Dye sublimation printers

Dye sublimation printer seems to be gaining more and more attention. And it is a perfect way for merchants to take advantage of the opportunity. Since that, the home decoration, dolls, and sports apparel markets have been experiencing steady growth.

Now you may be curious about dye sublimation, and we will share what you need to know about it.

What is dye sublimation printing?   

Dye sublimation printing uses chemistry that makes it the correct technique for printing on polyester and polyester resin-coated products. We can use a wide-format inkjet printer to print the dye-sub inks on a special transfer paper. Then, while using a heat press, the ink is heat transferred from the paper onto the fabric. The ink changes from a solid and enters the polyester fibers, this is why call it”sublimation”.

The reason why the graphics can be embedded into the materials forever is that the polymers in the polyester bond when heated. This can produce long-lasting products because the ink can be fully infused into the fabric instead of on the surface.

Compared to other printers, dye sublimation may involve multiple steps. But it can be a profitable and pleasant business. Here’s what you should know about it

You can apply it to a huge variety of products 

There is no doubt that it’s perfect to use the dye sublimation printer on polyester and polyester resin-coated materials. You can print on different kinds of products including home decorations, pillows, sports apparel, dresses, bags, coffee mugs and clipboards, and so on.

You should use sublimation transfer ink

The ink may transfer from a solid state to a gas when we transferred the graphics from paper to fabric. The chemical process of dye sublimation is very specific, so you need to use a specific type of ink. We usually call them “dye-sub inks”

These dyes transfer from a solid state to a gas state in high temperatures and will bond to polyester fabrics. The printing result is long-lasting and fully washable because the dispersed dyes can permanently bond to your products.

You may need a special sublimation transfer ink

Compare to other wide format printers, dye sublimation printers are only specific to dye-sub applications. They use special dyes which devoted to printing on the transfer paper only.

Dye sublimation is experiencing great changes and there is a great selection of dye sublimation on the market.

sublimation printers

You should possess additional equipment

We recommend three machines if you want to do a sublimation business. They are heat press machines, tunnel dryers, and ovens. The dye sublimation process may involve so many steps, but if you own the above machines, it’s simple and straightforward.

The heat press is just as important as a dye sublimation printer. Sublicool can supply you with different kinds of sizes, styles, and prices. If you would like to transfer onto solid objects, a flatbed press is a good choice. Besides, it’s great for printing t-shirts that require” all-over” designs. You can choose the cutting and sewing depending on your desired application. It’s best to ask the manufacturer to learn more about the equipment.

Dye sublimation is affordable

Sublimation printing once was expensive because of the assortment of equipment and complicated process. But now the market has expanded to give people more options to choose from and the cost of the equipment has been reduced. The technology has improved a lot and the quality of the prints becomes better.


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