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What Should We Know about Sublimation Printer Business?

Sublimation Printer

Some of the advantages of the sublimation printer are the ability to print on polyester. The more common ones are flags, banners, sports suits, advertising signs, etc. It is also the wide range of uses of sublimation, which provides many business opportunities for some enterprises.

Reference business opportunities


Banners that need to be customized, such as party events, are suitable for dye-sublimation printing. You can customize your picture size and others. The product is not only UV resistant but also made for permanent use.

Soft Signage:

Product Printing Similar to Banners and Displays

Interior decoration:

Such as posters, advertisements, etc.

Furniture items:

such as bedsheets, curtains, etc., can be customized to provide customers with suitable and beautiful products


Plush toys are also a big market, and mass production is very helpful to reduce costs.

What do you need?

Before starting the dye sublimation business, you need to have the following conditions:

Dye sublimation printer, dye sublimation paper, heat press machine, RIP software to create files, cutting machine.

Some reasons to choose a dye sublimation printer:

Product patterns created by dye-sublimation are high-definition and exquisite in quality. It is almost the same as the design printed on the computer screen. Through high-temperature vaporization, the dye will be permanently embedded in the fabric, which can be stored and used forever.

The products produced by dye sublimation are durable and have a long life. His graphics won’t fade, peel or degrade. If outdoor use is desired, specific UV-resistant dyes can be specified to further enhance the longevity of the pattern.

Is Dye Sublimation Worth the Investment?

Certainly. As the demand for printed textiles is soaring, dye sublimation technology has also improved the overall product quality. He allows you to have a wider range of applications, from home to banners to fabric clothing.

If you are commercial, you can use industrial-sized textiles for dye sublimation. In contrast, small and micro enterprises recommend using inkjet desktop printers specially designed for thermal transfer sublimation.

Like any other printing process, there are pros and cons. However, if you are pursuing high-resolution permanent printing, dye sublimation is a good choice for you.

dye sublimation printer

Advantages and disadvantages of sublimation:


Durable and durable, mass production, fast production speed, automatic ink switching, smooth feeding system, relatively low production cost.


Compared with other printers, ink sublimation printing occupies a slightly larger area, has more operating steps, and is slightly more expensive.

To sum up, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. In addition to the cost and the size of the floor space, we can choose the dye-sublimation printer without hesitation.

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