What should we pay attention to when storing sublimation transfer paper?


Many customers who wholesale sublimation transfer paper from Sublicool factory may encounter a problem – the transfer effect cannot achieve the best effect. This is because they do not store sublimation paper properly.

The storage conditions of thermal sublimation paper are very important. Too high or too low indoor temperature will affect the transfer effect of thermal sublimation paper. In this article, Sublicool will introduce the best way to preserve sublimation paper.

1.The temperature of the printing room is controlled at about 20-25 ℃, and the humidity is controlled at 50% ~ 70%.

2.The printing room must be kept clean. The dust and impurities in the air should be avoided to pollute the sublimation paper, sublimation ink and even the printer nozzle, causing damage to the printer.

3.The power supply of the printer shall be grounded to avoid static electricity to the printer and affecting the printing effect.

4.Keep the printer horizontal to avoid uneven ink pressure during printing, resulting in color difference and ink rejection.

5.The ink bag should be cleaned every three months, and the ink pile and wiper should be cleaned frequently.

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