What should you consider before buying a heat press machine?


Before you select a heat press machine,all you have to do is consider the key factors that make your purchase more efficient.

If you want to purchase the heat transfer machine online, please check the product description to find out how many materials can be designed for the heat transfer machine in one hour. If you want to buy from the offline showroom, please ask the salesperson the same question.

Performance should meet your job requirements. The quality of the product depends on the performance of the machine. Factors affecting the performance of the machine include the reputation of the manufacturer, after-sales service and use methods.

Temperature consistency

This is something you can’t compromise. Temperature consistency will ensure that your design is successfully printed on the object. If there is a cold spot on the upper pressing plate of the machine, the clothes will be damaged.

The best way to check is to read product reviews. If there is any problem with the thermal stability of the machine, the real customer will solve it in the comment area.

Replaceable pressing plate

The hot pressing plate is a part for setting off fireworks on your object. These platens heat and imprint the design from the transfer film onto your workpiece. Therefore, the heat should be evenly distributed so that the design can be printed correctly on the object.

Different workpieces need to provide heat for different durations. Considering the materials used, please ensure that the heating plate can be heated to the required temperature within the expected time.

Digital timer

Because heat requires you to wait a short time, you must have a timer that can accurately display the number. Missing a digital timer can ruin your work because you don’t know exactly when to remove elements.

If heated for a long time, it will burn your clothes. Similarly, if it is deleted before finishing, the design will not be completely printed on the fabric.

Temperature setting

The adjustable temperature setting allows you to set the appropriate temperature to design various types of workpieces. If your enterprise needs you to print design on various types of materials, this is a necessary function.

However, if you only deal with clothes and know the exact temperature that can be used, this function is not suitable for you. This will increase the cost of the hot press.

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