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What Should You Consider Before Starting a DTG Business?

DTG printing business

The main guidance:

The main things we need to consider when starting a DTG business:

It is not easy to start a business by yourself. According to the statistics of entrepreneurship in 2022, only a little more than half of the enterprises survived to the fifth year. Many have great ambitions but neglect some plans, SUBLICOOL will give you what you need to consider for your DTG business. And you need to understand what is DTG and what’s advantages and disadvantages of it and then start your business.

Preliminary research

The DTG printing industry is a profitable and specialized market. You should communicate with successful DTG stores and learn from their experience. Research the industry by looking at forums, tech, etc., but the concrete experience is key.

In addition, we also need to understand the situation of competitors. Their logistics, promotion methods, company trademarks, product selection, etc.

How to plan

We should develop a business plan to identify what we want to do. Consider the purpose and target group. Identifying your target group can help you choose the right product and get their attention. For follow-up communication and order placement. Of course, you also need to control costs while producing high-quality products.

Consider the cost

Although the starting scale is small, the following equipment is required. DTG printers, pre-processing machines, inks, and pre-processing fluids. In addition to the above equipment, we also need a computer and software for designing graphics to operate. It is necessary to fully consider whether the total of the above expenses is within the budget and choose a product that suits your budget.

More details of the DTG printing business

When we choose a printer, we need to consider whether its structure is strong, whether it is durable, whether it has a warranty and the cost of maintenance. The most important thing is whether the machine can print high-quality graphics with low ink consumption. This is very helpful for the cost-effectiveness of a printer. A machine that can print in both light and dark colors will give you more options.

Find a supplier

For DTG, cotton material is the best carrier, which is very suitable for making colorful detailed prints. You can contact national clothing suppliers for selection.

Set your goals

Goals are very important to your business, set sales goals for your new venture to motivate employees. Passionate about your work and actively seeking solutions.

DTG business


SUBLICOOL’s DTG digital t-shirt printer has been engaged with tens of thousands of customers around the world and can provide printers that meet customer needs and help customers’ clothing businesses flourish. Moreover, with the lowest control cost, SUBLICOOL can provide higher-quality printing products, which can help you get your money back quickly.

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