DTF transfer ink

What Should You Know about DTF Transfer Ink?

direct to film ink

DTF transfer ink is also called direct-to-film ink. As we know, we can use it on direct-to-film printing. It will not leave anything when it comes off. So this kind of ink is ideal for the DTF printing process. DTF ink is a kind of entirely new way of creating designs on fabric. But if you want to create a design in white onto colored fabric, you need to use different methods like screen printing or heat transfers.

DTF may provide a creative and convenient solution for making white garments using only a printer instead of separate printing equipment for pre-printed colors.DTF can get different kinds of color by adding special coloring agents that form dyes when heated up and then applied by hand or printer directly onto cotton fibers. In this way, heat press transfer is also an option.

A guide to buying DTF ink

DTF is a new and special kind of product that has to make a big difference in design circles. Let me introduce what you need to know before buying DTF ink for your printer.

Be cautious

All printers have their own requirements for ink. So you need to make sure that you read on compatibility before hitting purchase. Searching for more info about the price of the direct to film ink. Some companies may sell sample kits with a variety of colors and prices. While others may sell individual bottles at full price.

Ink color

In regard to the requirements of customers and the kind of fabric, you have four-color ink,six-color ink, and eight-color ink to use. The better color saturation and color effect of printing, directly determine the color type of the printing machine.

The type of printing inks

Generally, printing inks include reactive inks, acid inks, disperse inks and paint inks. The type of ink is generally selected according to the material of the fabric, and the ink with better coloring and color performance is selected for the fabric.

Ink brand and model

Generally speaking, ink is developing for the brand and model of the nozzle. When choosing ink, pay attention to whether it is suitable for the nozzle model of the printer. In addition, ink fluency, vividness, color fixation, and environmental protection are all aspects to be considered in ink selection

Last but not least, think about how to use DTF ink. So if you want to make detailed designs on paper or wood, look for high-quality ink that won’t fade for a long time. If you just want something fun to draw with, around town and any kind of DTF white ink should do fine.

DTF ink

Question and answer:

Can I use other ink for DTF printing?

Sure, some ink can use for DTF printing just as sublimation ink. But the little difference between sublimation ink and air-drying is that sublimation can use on fabrics when a heat setting is 80 degrees Celsius or higher. So before printing, you need to do pretreatment. However, the air-drying ink can print on any kind of fabric which has a heat setting lower than 80 degrees Celsius and allows us to dry at room temperature. It has high color density and can print high-quality works on fabrics.

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