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What should you pay attention to when adding ink to a digital printing machine?

Printing ink

In fact, digital printing machine can be understood as a pattern printing machine in the textile field. Like many printers, it needs ink. Adding ink to the digital printing machine is actually a very conventional operation. When the printing ink is insufficient, how to add ink to make the digital printing machine work better?

Adding ink is a very meticulous job. If you do not pay attention, the print head will be damaged and the service life will be affected. The ink is transmitted between the ink cartridge and the nozzle of the digital printing machine through a rubber sealing channel. The sealing performance of the sealing channel will ensure that the ink will not leak. Long term use will definitely cause the aging of this sealed channel. The result of aging is that the ink accumulates in the nozzle, resulting in nozzle blockage. When adding ink, check whether the ink nozzle is blocked by a large amount of ink. This is easy to cause color mixing during use. This will also cause some damage to the printing press itself.

When adding ink, observe whether there are obvious dust and impurities in the ink cartridge. When these impurities reach a certain amount, the nozzle will be blocked, affecting the ink output, resulting in broken lines and unclear patterns. Replace the ink cartridge irregularly when adding ink. The replacement of the ink cartridge should not be too frequent. Note that the replacement model of the ink cartridge should be consistent to avoid abnormal operation of the digital printing machine.

In addition to the above two inspections, the air hole and nozzle shall be inspected regularly during use. Replace it as soon as you find some problems.

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