What To Do If Ink Capsule Of Pet Film Printer Is Stringing Colors?

DTF heat transfer printing machine
DTF heat transfer printing machine

What is stringing pet film printer ink?

It means that other colors of Pet Film Printer ink string into a different color number in the ink capsule. For example, black Pet Film Printer ink string to the yellow ink capsule, then the yellow ink capsule in addition to yellow ink and other black ink, print, yellow pattern will be black with not enough pure yellow. Thus affecting the overall pattern of colors.

The main factors that cause the ink capsule string DTF Transfer ink are:

1. The quality of the ink capsule is not standard, after cleaning or filling the ink marigold Pet Film Printer ink back sucked in. This case replace the standard special ink capsule can be.

2. The ink capsule is not inserted tightly, resulting in a gap between the ink column and the ink capsule rubber ring, thus generating the phenomenon of stringing ink. This problem will need to clean up the ink column around the ink scale.

3. The heat transfer film inkjet printer is not used for a long time, the ink pad and electromagnetic pump or peristaltic pump of this distance in the absence of absolute sealing, under the action of atmospheric pressure will also be anti-stringing to the ink capsule inside. So the need for regular maintenance to clean up the machine.

4. There is also a situation by external forces lead to the ink sac transparent membrane with air holes or broken skin, resulting in leakage string ink phenomenon. For the above phenomenon, it is recommended that the regular replacement of ink marigolds and ink bladders and other wear items.

Pet Film Printer
Pet Film Printer

The above four points are common failures, more other failures are welcome to add. In terms of purchasing, do not simply choose from the price, try to buy a standard ink bladder. The spring inside the size of the center. There will be no phenomenon of anti-pumping. In addition, the ink bladder rubber ring is small, more difficult to loosen, the failure rate is lower. Choose the right accessories can be used for a longer time, but also to reduce the occurrence of failures.

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