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What to do If the Nozzle of DTF t-shirt printer is Clogged after the Holiday?

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Every time we come back from a long holiday. There will always be customer feedback to us about what to do if the printheads of the DTF t-shirt printer are clogged. If you don’t moisturize the printheads well before the holiday, it will easily cause ink breakage and clogging. Especially the following situation. When the printhead is not returned to the protective cover. Which making the printhead in the air exposure for too long will lead to ink due to dry and cause clogging failure.

How to operate the DTF film printer before the holiday?

The printhead of the DTF t-shirt printer needs to be kept wet at all times in order to carry out better printing work. So what should I do if the printheads are clogged because I haven’t started the DTF t-shirt printer for a long time?

The first solution is to use the cleaning function that comes with the device to clean a few times. If the problem still can not be solved, then only the printhead is disassembled for manual cleaning. If even manual cleaning can not solve the problem, only to replace the new nozzle. The printhead is a more important accessory of the DTF machine, which directly affects the printing effect. Replacing printheads is also a big expense. So we recommend that you make sure to maintain your printheads! SUBLICOOL gives a few long downtimes on how to maintain the DTF machine printheads to all customers and friends to refer to the method!

1. Check before switching off the DTF t-shirt printer

When the printing work is completed every day, be sure to let the printhead back to the protective cover. And the ink stack closely fits before you can shut down.

2. Print a test strip of

every day to carry out printing work. You must first print the test strip, and check whether the printhead state is intact to carry out the work.

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3. Do a good job of moisturizing

If the DTF machine needs to be shut down for more than three days, the printhead needs to be moisturized. If you need to shut down for more than a week. It is recommended that the printhead be disassembled and placed in a fixed DTF printhead box. Every once in a while to the printhead add moisturizing liquid to the printhead to do a good job of moisturizing.

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