What To Do In A Newly Installed Thermal Sublimation Printer?

1.9M dye sublimation printer

Thermal Sublimation Printer is a common printing machine, what do you need to pay attention to before installation? What preparations need to be made?

1. When purchasing a printer, the equipment needs to be shipped from the supplier to the user’s premises. When you receive the goods, be sure to check the appearance and packaging to avoid damage during transportation.

2. Before installation, check whether the accessories are complete, such as related accessories, driver CD-ROMs, installation kits, circuits, etc. are inside the list of equipment.

3. Choose a good installation environment for heat sublimation, such as power supply voltage, room temperature humidity, and so on. Besides, please pay attention to the grounding condition of the thermal sublimation printer. It is recommended to connect the thermal sublimation printer to the computer system in advance and to equip it with a suitable power regulator. All this is to better maintain the voltage and provide a quality working place for the device.

Installation Notes:

1. Follow the relevant installation guidelines to place the rack equipment

Followed by the installation of the main unit and the rack. Be careful to fix the corresponding screws to avoid production failure. Especially for the installation work of the print head, be sure to follow the operation guide or the guidance of the technician.

2. After the dye sublimation ink cartridges are installed, check if the ink tubes are connected correctly

Next, add ink to the cartridge. Pay attention to the amount of ink. Start the ink pump to suck the ink, and then feed the ink directly into the nozzle. Check the flash print and test if the print is correct. If it is normal, the installation is successful.

digital sublimation printer

3. Connect the printing machine to the computer

Install the relevant application software as well as drivers, set the appropriate IP address, and follow the instructions to test the networking.

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