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What to do when starting up the DTF T-shirt Printer?

DTF T-shirt Printer

There are many issues that we need to pay attention to when using a DTF t-shirt printer. Especially customers and friends who have never operated a DTF printing machine. And you can cause the DTF t-shirt printer to malfunction if you are not careful. Among them, not paying attention to the basic operations of turning on and off will also cause the printing machine to malfunction. So you can’t operate it by yourself at will, the possibility of damage is relatively high, causing unnecessary losses.

Every time SUBLICOOL engineers install machines for customers, they will train professional knowledge for customers and friends, and explain the maintenance precautions of DTF printers in detail. Today, SUBLICOOL will give you a popular science about the things that need to pay attention to when starting and shutting down DTF printers.

Inspection before opening the DTF t-shirt printer :

Before starting up, we need to check whether the two sides of the DTF printing machine are parallel. If the DTF printer is not in a balanced state, the printed pattern will be uneven. As a result, the printed pattern becomes a defective product, which increases printing loss.

It is also necessary to observe whether items are piled up above and around the DTF pet film printer for t-shirts before starting the machine. We must maintain sanitation around the machine environment and check the supply of ink every day. When the ink is about to bottom out, the ink should replace in time to prevent air from being sucked into the ink tube.

Shutdown check:

Before shutting down, we need to control the DTF printhead back to its initial position. Because the nozzle will fit closely with the ink stack in its original position. The nozzle is in a moisturizing state and is not easy to clog. In this way, we can guarantee the service life of the nozzle.

After shutting down, you need to wait for the DTF t-shirt printer to be completely shut down before turning off the power supply and network cable. Remember not to unplug the power immediately after shutting down, otherwise, it will seriously damage the printer port and the PC motherboard. This will result in unnecessary losses.

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The above are the issues that need to pay attention to when starting and shutting down DTF film machines. Only need to do the above measures, which can basically reduce most of the failure problems. And DTF printing machines are professional printing equipment with no restrictions on patterns and fabrics. Which can meet any needs of customers and friends for clothing printing.

Pet heat transfer printers got rid of the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution, and high noise in the past, and brought a new technological revolution to the printing industry. Now more and more printing manufacturers use it. In order to better serve customers and print out perfect printing patterns as they like. The maintenance of printing machines must be done well!

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