What To Do When The DTF Film Printer Shows‘Not Online’Status?

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DTF Film Printer requires careful care and maintenance on a daily basis to prolong their life. However, there are times when some incorrect operation may cause the DTF printer to be unresponsive when printing. If the computer shows offline (not online status), how to solve this time? So SUBLICOOL collated 5 problems that may lead to offline status and the solution to give you a reference.

1. Check whether the DTF printer has been online

If the printing machine is not in the online state, naturally can not print accordingly. The solution is to ensure that the DTF printer power supply is connected to the case, so the online operation can be.

2. The DTF printer is set to stop printing

The printer in this situation can not acknowledge the order to work. The arrangement is exceptionally basic, the length of you enter the DTF Film Printer printing working framework programming to drop the print stop settings can be.

3. Check if the PC sets the pet film printing machine as the default printer

After the PC sends the print order, the printing project will send the ongoing print content to the default printer for printing. In the event that there is no set substance that can’t be sent, the DTF printer will normally not answer. The arrangement is extremely straightforward. The same length as the PC print program in the DTF printer is set to the default printer.

4. The print port settings are not reasonable

In the event that the DTF printer is set as the default printer, or doesn’t answer, it very well might be the printer to utilize the DTF shirt printing program in the print port settings are not reasonable. The arrangement is to open the printer printing programming and design a suitable print port for the printer.

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5. The printing content isn’t right

In the event that the above strategies actually can not tackle the issue. It is conceivable that the print content result isn’t right, bringing about program yield issues that can not print. Determine whether the contents are correct by printing the contents of other programs to ensure that the print content is correct, and then print the work.

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