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What to do with the air bubbles in the transfer of the heat press transfer machine?

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After DTF printing, a heat press transfer machine is needed to transfer the image to the target. The hot stamping pattern in the transfer of three problems needs to pay attention to the point. The first temperature, the second time, the third is the voltage. If the control of these three points is not good, it is easy to lead to a series of problems in the process of transferring. According to our statistics, in general, most customers will choose hot tear stamping, and hot tear transfer the most common problem is the production of air bubbles. How to avoid air bubbles? Come with SUBLICOOL to learn about it!

Temperature when heat transferring:

Transfer Patterns appear as bubbles in the transfer, many people will first think it is the problem of the pressing temperature, the temperature is usually the key factor of the bubble. Excessive temperatures may burn the heat map and create certain bubbles. If the temperature is a little high, bubbles are bound to appear on the hot stamping film. However, if the temperature is too low, the hot melt powder of the hot stamping film will not melt completely, resulting in a decrease in the fastness and adhesive strength of the hot stamping film. So we generally control the temperature at about 120 degrees, as opposed to hot tearing, and stamping, which can obviously change the bubble phenomenon.


There is also the issue of stamping pressure, which is very difficult to control. Because for the control of pressure, the general machine will not have a pressure indicator display. And can only rely on personal feelings and experience to complete. Generally speaking, we only need moderate pressure, because too high pressure will press out the grain of the material, while too low pressure will make the printing unstable. In short, pressure is also a key factor affecting our stamping. If the pressure of rotary heat press stamping is moderate, there will be no bubbles.


The last is the time of stamping. If the time is short, there is bound to be the problem of unstable stamping. If the time is long, there will be the problem of air bubbles. So the grasp of time is also important, can not be relaxing at all. As long as it can be adjusted patiently and attentively, there will be a completely different result.

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What should I do if the pattern bubbles when transferring? As long as you figure out the above three points, basically, there will be no bubble problem. In the process of hot stamping, many people will attribute the bubble problem to the DTF pattern film itself. In fact, it is all caused by the operation of our transfer press. Stamping in the cold tear of the requirements of the relatively loose very will be less bubble problems. And the surface is also relatively smooth, this is the cold tear stamping relative to the advantages of hot tear stamping!

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