DTF printer.

What Will Affect the Printing Effect of DTF Printer?

DTF printer

DTF printer to a digital full-color printing technology for personalized or small-batch printing on ready-made garments or cut pieces. DTF printer pet film printers can be used for plateless color printing on fabrics of any color such as black, red, and white. This technique is not limited by the batch size. You can print one piece at a time, and will not increase the cost per piece due to small batches. So the cost of one piece is the same as the cost of one hundred pieces.

For the same DTF printers, the color of the images printed by some users is very exquisite, while the images printed by some users somewhat deviate. Why is this? This is related to the operator of the equipment. Below, we SUBLICOOL will give you a detailed introduction to the factors that can directly affect the printing effect of DTF printing.

The quality of the DTF printout is not only related to the operator but also may be caused by other factors. For example, the influence of several factors such as printing consumables, computer configuration, and nozzle status.

Computer Configuration:

Under normal circumstances, we will recommend customers buy computers with high configuration. Because the transmission speed of computers will also affect the effect of DTF products. If the configuration of the computer is low, the DTF motherboard cannot receive the printing command sent by the computer in time or only half of it is received, which will cause the printing job to freeze. This will directly affect the effect of printed products.

Supplies quality:

The quality of consumables is also closely related to the effect of transfer film machine products. Whether it is ink, printing film, hot-melt powder… Any problem with any of the consumables will directly lead to an increase in the reject rate of printing products and increase costs for the enterprise. So we recommend customers and friends use high-quality consumables. High-quality consumables can not only make the printing effect better but also print high-quality printed products and reduce the scrap rate. It is also another way to reduce printing costs for printing companies.

DTF printhead status:

It is very important to check whether the nozzle is in normal condition before printing. The nozzle is an accessory that can directly determine the printing effect. If the state of the nozzle is not normal, there is ink blockage or disconnection, etc. Then the printed products will directly become waste products. Therefore, we will suggest that customers and friends must print a test strip to check whether the nozzle is in a normal state before printing. And then carry out daily printing tasks.

Transfer film machines

In conclusion:

The above factors can directly affect the effect of DTF printing. Only when we do a good job in every step can we print our perfect printing products. Transfer film machines also need to be well maintained in order to prolong the printing life and insist on printing better and more perfect printing products.

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