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What You Need To Know About A3 UV Printer?

UV A3 printing

A3 UV Printer is becoming more and more popular because of their wide range of applications, easy operation and obvious advantages.

Features of UV printers:

White ink printing:

UV printers have two-layer and three-layer printing modes. It can print white ink, colour ink and varnish. In addition, white ink for printing various coloured or transparent media can also print on hard materials.

Simple operation:

The UV printing is easy to operate, following a simple tutorial through the mouse. The system can also upgrade. Safe print protection: The programmed UV shutter system and the sensitive nozzle protection design that effectively protects the print head make uv printing more reliable.

Convenient UV ink circulation system:

Multi-stage circulation system ensures smooth printing, fast in-line inking, a temperature regulation system to maintain consistent ink viscosity, low ink warning system.


Before printing, the UV equipment can effectively remove static electricity from the surface of the material, and the adsorption system can make the material stick to its exact position. In this way, every drop of ink can be accurately positioned to ensure exquisite printing quality.

Three pros:

The UV printer is a professional UV printing equipment. For various types of materials, it adopts high-precision dual linear guide control with a lenticular print head trolley to ensure the high definition of spray paint. Her high precision and productivity is much higher than traditional inkjet printing. In addition, compared with the traditional UV inkjet, the current UV machine is more flexible in terms of operation, batch size and printing production.

Process simplicity

UV flatbed machine does not need film. The picture is sprayed and dried instantly. Pictures cure quickly and are not easily broken.

Production flexibility, personalization

The production mode of a UV inkjet printer is more flexible and can be sprayed on any colour material. This expands the scope of the application of UV inkjet printers, such as cups, mobile phone cases, acrylic, etc.

UV A3 max

Energy saving and safety

So the UV printer is almost completely controlled by the computer, eliminating the need for multiple workers. It is fully adapted to the automated industry chain, safe and efficient. It also uses environmentally friendly UV ink, which is free of harmful substances to ensure safety.

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