DTF printing machine

What’s DTF printing?

DTF printing machine


Today, I would like to talk with you about a recently popular clothing printing process – DTF printing. Clothing printing has always been mainly traditional screen printing. The procedures in the previous printing process were complicated, which led to the complicated patterning process, inconvenient patterning, unclear pattern effect, not ideal in terms of environmental protection, and relatively large pollution.

With the development of the Internet e-commerce era, more and more people choose to shop online. With the emergence of various popular clothing, the choice requirements of young people are gradually increasing, and there are more and more choices of clothing patterns. Today’s young people Everyone loves custom patterns that express their individuality.

Nowadays, with the development of the era of digital printers. The emergence of DTF T-shirt printers just meets many people’s more needs for clothing patterns.

Advantages of DTF printers:

1.High-speed, stable, and environmentally friendly coatings, it is a subversive garment printing application machine.

2.Solve the problem that the direct-injection printing process is picky about fabrics, and the DTF printing process is not limited to material transfer.

3.Don’t worry about color difference and fastness, the pattern is what you see is what you get.

4.There is no need to engrave waste discharge and film, which effectively improves the production efficiency. The pattern is not limited, and the natural hollowing out is lighter, thinner and more breathable.

5.Short cycle, fast delivery, break through the limitations of traditional process color registration plate making, digital output does not need plate making, a minimum order.

6.Cost-effective, does not require high investment in equipment and venues, greatly reducing investment costs.

Sublicool DTF printers do not need to make typesetting to print customized patterns, and the finished product can be completed in basically two minutes. Through digital printing, the production of personalized clothing is simpler and faster. In addition, Sublicool also prepares a complete set of DTF printing solutions for you, whether it is clothing or other products. There are good solutions. Want to learn more about DTF printing? You can contact us anytime.

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