Whats the 2022 New Basic Process for DTF Printer Usage


DTF printing involves printing a design onto a special film, applying and melting a powdered adhesive to the printed film, and then pressing the design onto the garment or item. Its very hot in recently textile printing market, today we will talk about the 2022 new basic process for dtf printer.


dtf T-shirt machine
dtf T-shirt machine

First, Print on Film. Load the DTF Transfer film onto the printer. Set your prints to “mirror image”. Be sure to use proper profiling and resolution from the RIP software. Select white as an under base and you may begin printing.

Second, Powdering and Curing. When using the powdering cum curing machine, the film will be fed through the machine where powdering and curing is done automatically.

Third, Pre-pressing. This optional step involves pre-pressing of the fabric prior to the transfer of the image on the film. The fabric is kept in the heat press and pressurized under heat for approximately 5 -10 seconds to flatten the fabric. The pre-pressing will aid in the proper transfer of the image from the film onto the fabric.


dtf T-shirt machine
dtf T-shirt machine


Fourth, Transfer. This step is the most crucial in the DTF printing process. The transfer film with the image and the cured powder is placed on the fabric in the heat press. The transferring is done at temperatures between 160 – 180 Degree Celsius for approximately 15 seconds. The film is now firmly attached to the fabric.

Fifth, Peeling. It is important that the fabric and the now attached film cools before peeling. As a result, the printed design will bind into the fabric/t-shirt, allowing you to peel off the film easily.


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