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Whats the Differences Between UV DTF Ink and DTF Printing Ink 

dtf transfer ink
dtf transfer ink

As we can see that UV DTF ink and DTF printing ink are both specialize types of inks used in different printing technologies. Today we will share you the differences between this 2 kind.


UV DTF Ink (UV Direct to Film):

UV digital dtf ink is use in UV printing technology. Where ink is cure use ultraviolet light immediately after printing. This process allows for quick drying and curing, making it suitable for printing on various substrates like plastics, glass, and metal. UV DTF ink is designe to adhere well to non-porous surfaces and can produce vibrant colors with high durability.


DTF Printing Ink (Direct to Film Printing Ink):

Pet film  ink is used in Direct to Film printing, which is a method where designs are printed directly onto a special film using inkjet printers. The printed design is then transfer onto the final substrate (such as textiles) using a heat press. Direct to film printing is often use for creating custom designs on fabrics and garments. Direct to film inks are formulate to adhere well to the film and transfer cleanly onto the substrate during the heat press process.

uv printing ink
uv printing ink

Key Differences between this 2 kinds of ink:

Technology: UV Direct to film ink is use in UV printing process, while pet film transfer ink is use in inkjet print onto film.

Application: UV printing ink is more versatile in terms of substrate compatibility, whereas pet tranfer ink is specifically use for transferring designs onto textiles.

Curing: UV pet film ink cures under UV light, whereas DTF transfer ink requires heat for the transfer process.

Each type of ink serves specific printing needs and has different requirements in terms of equipment and application techniques. Our sublicool all can provide, if you need pls feel free to contact us!

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