sublimation transfer ink

What is heat sublimation transfer ink?

  Do you know what thermal transfer ink is?Thermal transfer ink is also called sublimation ink. It is mainly used for heating transfer printing products. After the thermal transfer ink is heated by the thermal transfer machine, the image can be made into exquisite porcelain, metal, and metal in the shortest time. Real silk, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials are very suitable for personalized development market needs and environmental protection requirements. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable materials in the thermal transfer industry. Compared with other dye inks, pigment inks and water-based inks, thermal transfer inks have a brighter color and high density. After the thermal transfer ink pattern printed on the paper is heated and transferred by the thermal transfer machine, the image is clear and the color reproduction is high, which is also the advantage of thermal transfer ink.

sublimation transfer ink

  Sublimation inks are mostly formulated with disperse dyes for textiles. Because of its saturated color and good weather resistance, disperse dyes are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, and are still one of the main raw materials in the printing and dyeing industry.


  The heat sublimation transfer ink produced by our company uses Imported raw materials with environmentally friendly solvents,low odor can effectively improve the working environment,frequently,colour naturally and vividly, there is a long-lasting outdoor weather resistance。

  The premium ink has a good dispersion, made by the process of high speed dispersion and high precision grinding. It is a true environment-friendly ink which has a good dispersion and stable solution system. The advantage is to extend the life of the printer head。

  The ink particles are small, and it is stable aftersieving by the three-stage molecular .Printing smoothly, no block. High quality ink raw materialdecide the full color density and present the bright part of the image.The picture quality is delicate, no vague dying, waterproof,non-fading. scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and not easy to fade.The degree of corrosion for the head is low, and it is effective to extend the lifetime of the printer head.

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