When Do Pet Film Inkjet Printer Need To Replace Ink Cartridges?

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Many customers think that the ink cartridge of Pet Film Inkjet Printer is just a container for ink. And as long as it is guaranteed to be used normally, ink can be added at will. In fact, this view is wrong. DTF printer appears discoloration, broken lines, broken ink, forked, unclear image and other phenomena, these phenomena and ink and ink cartridges have a close relationship.

  When an ink cartridge is cracked, the cartridge must be replaced promptly.

If the ink cartridge of DTF printing machine is cracked or split, this is the time to replace a brand new ink cartridge. This is because in the process of filling ink. Some dust and impurities will be brought in to a certain extent. When these substances reach a certain amount, they will block the nozzle of the DTF printing machine, causing damage or even destruction of the nozzle. So when the ink cartridge is cracked, it must be replaced in time.

Pay more attention to the condition of the DTF Transfer ink cartridges and replace them once a year.

If there is no problem with the ink cartridge of your DTF printing machine, there is no need to replace it. But when the ink cartridge has been used for more than one year. We recommend replacing it with a new one. Because the ink cartridges used for too long time will also happen aging and so on. In order to avoid abnormalities in the work of the printer. We need to pay attention to the ink cartridges often, do not cause unnecessary losses because of carelessness. Ink is transported through the rubber sealing channel between the ink cartridge. And the printhead of the digital printer. Which ensures the sealing between the ink cartridge and the printhead and ensures that the ink does not penetrate.

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Long-term use will cause the rubber sealing channel connecting the inkjet head of the pet film transfer printing machine to deteriorate. Making the sealing effect worse and allowing the ink to leak from the connection between the two parts. Which will cause the ink to accumulate in the nozzle position and cause unnecessary damage to the printer’s nozzle.



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