When you need to choose UV printing?

UV printer

UV printing is a form of digital printing. It uses a kind of UV ink. Once exposed to the wavelength of UV light, it will solidify into a solid film firmly bonded directly to the substrate. Originally developed for rapid drying of Gel Nail Polish during manicure, UV applications have rapidly expanded to industrial and commercial markets. Since UV will cure any printing ink immediately, the wet ink spots have no chance to diffuse after printing, resulting in finer details. In addition, UV curing ink has weather resistance and stronger fading resistance. This curing process is more environmentally friendly because it produces very little VOC, odor and heat. It has the characteristics of rapid curing, high quality, durability and flexibility.

When is UV printing the right choice?

1.When focusing on environmental impact

Since evaporation is minimized, much less volatile organic compounds are released into the environment than other inks.

UV printing uses a photo mechanical process to cure the ink rather than drying it by evaporation.

2.When it is an emergency work

Since there is no need to wait for the evaporation process, UV ink will not shorten the downtime of other inks when drying. This saves time and brings your artwork to market faster.

3.When a specific appearance is required

UV printing is ideal for projects that require one of two appearances.

Clear and sharp appearance of uncoated paper or satin appearance of coated paper. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t finish another look. Talk to your printing representative to find out if UV is suitable for your project.

4.When dirt or wear becomes a problem

The fact that UV printing dries immediately ensures that no matter how fast you need to get it, the art will not get dirty, and UV coating can be applied to prevent wear.

5.When printing on plastic or non porous substrate

UV ink can be dried directly on the surface of the material. Because the ink solvent does not need to be absorbed into the raw materials, UV can be printed on materials that cannot be used by traditional ink.

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