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Where Are UV Digital Printer Applied?

UV printing

Currently, the UV digital printer is definitely hot because of the constant innovation of printing technology. More and more industries will use UV printers and just cost some time to get the results in case of printing instantly. And where can UV printers be used?

1. Tile wall

Because of the rise of the estate industry recently,the new round of decoration is reaching to climax. More and more people are more prefer to tile decoration. The UV flatbed printer may restore the color of the picture and can print 3D concave. It is said that the printer is born for the tile wall,which is perfect for the tile wall.

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Compared to traditional photo machine and inkjet printer, UV digital printer can print flat material such wooden board,acrylic and glass etc. On the contrary,the former printer may have a good printing effect on the soft material. And the UV flatbed printers may meet these requirements, which need to print on the board.

3. Wardrobe

Traditional wardrobes and cabinets have different kinds of shapes, but printed wardrobes are rare. As we all know, these beautiful and atmospheric patterns printed on these wardrobes are more popular with market consumers.

4. Application of UV printers—leathers

Leather products are focused on the shoes. Many consumers of shoes are teenagers, and they often have a special preference for fresh things. So the shoes which printed with a 3d pattern can appeal to them. The manufacturers can seize the market demand and begin to study how to create new shoes to lead on fashion trends.

5. Personality customization

Personal customization is hot and young business, in our daily life, we can see personality customization includes mobile phones,t-shirts and wine box and so on. So customers can print their favorite patterns on flat things by customizing their own special items. It’s unique and personal.

6. Iron wardrobe

Iron wardrobe is in a great demand in past few years. Many customers have set up UV tablets. This year,it is also not small in orders.

7. Art glass

And Art glass may have a wide range application just as ice-crystal painted glass,glass art photos,glass stationary products,flowing colored glass,process glass,glass porch, glass background wall and decoration industry.

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8. Lenticular boards

The lenticular board is a kind of hard material which made up of acrylic or PS raw material when hot pressing. So It’s mostly used in advertisements,shoppingmalls,exhibition halls,furniture decoration and other occasions. And the customers are from overseas. And the market is bigger than the domestic one.

9. household appliance panels

Customers can print simple words or logos on these products like refrigerators,power switch stickers,kitchen ventilation machines and industrial equipment and so on. And this UV printing is easy and simple to do ad the delivery speed is fast. Many customers will choose the former, this one, instead of screen printing.


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