Digital direct to garment printing

Where Can Digital Direct to Garment Printing Be Used?

DTG printing

Digital direct to garment printing may become the cornerstone of your business. It allows you to experience superior print quality on garments and amaze your customers!DTG printing can empower lots of customers worldwide to follow their business instincts and thrive in the DTG business industry.DTG is the perfect one for start-ups and small businesses ready to scale up because it can provide the highest print quality for the lowest cost per print. Therefore, DTG printing broadens the spectrum of its business application, thus opening the door to numerous business opportunities.

Custom-made apparel

In a highly competitive market, DTG printing may provide the ability to print on demand small production volumes cost-effectively, and easily follow market trends. DTG shirt printers are compact and easy to use, which allows you to be competitive through unique designs and artwork. You can adapt to the ongoing trends and expand the product portfolio. T-shirts, custom prints, shoes, souvenirs, soft toys, baby wear, and so on, handmade collections are just a part of the applications you can draw ideas from.

Bags (tote bags, backpacks, leather bags), bow ties, shoes, pet clothes, leather belts, wallets and scarves, and so on… Just put on any images to work!

Home textile

Design and produce household products and home linen such as kitchen towels, bed linens, pillows, and so on. It can provide custom-made orders for hotels and offer personalized decoration solutions to clients.


Hotel uniforms, t-shirts, sweatshirts, medical blouses, and other clothing for every profession can carry the client’s brand logo.


Cotton uniforms like martial arts, hoodies, shirts, tops, yoga pants, and joggers.

TDG garment printer

Event planning products

We can apply it when organizing events like parties, weddings, professional summits, or team-building activities and printing them for decoration or promotional purposes. Follow your customer needs and take your business on the road like concerts, festivals, or theme parks and print no-demand whatever your customer desires. We also can offer personalized decoration designs for numerous events and help promote your client’s brand name. At the same time, give your customers a live printing experience by interacting with the printing process and selecting prints during events,

Offer personalized decoration designs for lots of events and help promote clients’ brand names. Give the clients a live printing experience by interacting with the printing process and selecting prints during events.

Promotional-advertising products

We can supply printed material for marketing and promotional purposes, just like corporate gifts and kinds of sale banners. You can now expand your product range and services. Examples of promotional products are corporate clothing items(t-shirts, polo shirts, company uniforms, and other apparel) or useful and functional gifts (commercial bags, pillows, and so on).TDG garment printer may offer a more competitive advantage if you can print on-demand in different applications.

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