Which Fabric Is better For Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer?

dye transfer printer
dye transfer printer

Polyester fibers are well be suitable for Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer

For the heat sublimation process, it is not suitable with 100% cotton fabric. Cotton fabrics are difficult to permanently bond with sublimation inks. It is because it is made of natural fibers probably. Even if the printing is successful temporarily, it will be washed out soon.

Polyester, on the other hand, is the best fabric for heat sublimation printers.

When heated, it expands with heat, the sublimation printer ink vaporizes and enters the fabric through the pores, and is bonded together when it cools. This results in high quality prints. Blended fabrics may be more popular and comfortable
But 100% polyester can be uncomfortable to wear, although it lasts longer and blends are preferred because they are more comfortable compared to polyester. But the process of sublimation printing may be uneven or slight transfer compared to all polyester.

To ensure successful ink transfer, a polyester fiber content of more than 40% is recommended. Higher polyester counts give better printing results. Heat sublimation prints on fabrics like nylon and spandex are still good, but their comfort level is still close to that of natural fibers like cotton. But blends are much more comfortable to wear. In addition to adequate polyester content, be careful not to burn the material during the thermal sublimation printer process. This is because most synthetic fibers burn at a relatively low temperature.

dye sublimation printing machine
dye sublimation printing machine

If the material on the fabric is burned, the pattern on the fabric is likely to be distorted. This is not comfortable to wear because there is less airflow through the fabric. In addition to this, check with your supplier and make sure that you have tested the settings before sublimation printing. However, you still need to consider other factors such as the pressure and temperature in the printing to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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