UV DTF printer

Which is better? UV DTF printing vs UV direct printing

UV DTF printing

In order to meet the new demand for printing on hard objects, UV printers have emerged. There are two kinds of them, UV direct printing and UV DTF printing.


Both UV direct and UV DTF printers print under the heating of ultraviolet rays. When the substrate passes through the printing machine, the special ink is used to dry quickly under ultraviolet light. And the time is relatively short, so there is almost no ink leakage and diffusion. So the images are very clear, and the details are in place. The ink used by these two machines is UV ink.

And UV DTF is a relatively new way, a little more complicated than the first one. We usually print on the A film first, so that the printed picture is on the glue.
Finally, we can cut out the pattern, print the pattern on the medium, and tear off the film, so that the printed picture will remain on the medium to complete the printing.

Some comparisons:

Printing cost:

UV DTF requires film and ink, and the cost of film is much higher than that of ink. So, compared to UV direct printing. Printing costs increase.

Printing speed:

Compared with UV DTF printers, UV direct printing does not need to be printed on the film, and can be printed directly on the transfer. And need subsequent lamination. Cut and paste, so it takes more time.


UV direct printing is to directly print UV ink on the medium. And then dry it with a lamp, and the adhesion is beyond doubt. UV DTF is printed on the film, then pasted on the medium and fixed with glue, the adhesion may not be as good as direct printing. However, with the continuous development of technology, the adhesion of UV DTF is gradually increasing, the viscosity is strengthened, and there is not much difference from direct printing.

Printing range:

Although the UV printer prints directly on the surface of the object, if there is a slope on the surface of the object, we need UV DTF printers. Because after cutting, you can paste it as you like, which is very convenient. These stickers can be transferred to almost all materials and surfaces, overcoming the shortcomings of UV/DTG printers.

UV printing

Application comparison:

UV direct printing: Home decoration: custom tiles, custom glass sliding doors, custom wardrobes.
Advertising: posters, support banners, bottle printing.
Other customized products: leather, phone case, metal, etc.
UV DTF printing: It is more extensive on the basis of UV direct printing, and can use on slopes that cannot paste on UV flatbed machines.

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