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Which Is The Best DTF Ink?

direct to film ink

If you have bought a DTF printer and don’t know how to choose the best DTF ink, we will supply you with some tips. We know the feeling to start a new business from zero, especially on a tight budget. Whenever you have owned DTF ink or other cartridges, we will help you here. In this blog, we may try our best to help you find out the best ink.

What’s the DTF ink?

DTF means direct-to-film. So DTF ink is a special kind of ink that is suitable for direct to film printing.  And there will be no residue when it comes off. This kind of ink makes it ideal for the DTF printing process.

Can I use the sublimation ink for DTF printing?

Yes, of course. You can use sublimation ink for DTF printing. The difference between sublimation ink and air-drying is that sublimation ink can print on fabrics with a heat setting of 80 degrees Celsius or higher. And you need to do pretreatment in this case before printing.

Air-drying ink can print on any type of fabric that has a heat setting lower than 80 degrees Celsius and allows it to dry at room temperature.

Usually, mixing dyes and solvents can be mixed to make the sublimation ink. It has high color density and can print high-quality works on fabrics.

Which type of ink can be used for DTF printing?

Standard ink:

This kind of ink can be suitable for most kinds of film. It’s black, has a low viscosity, and dries quickly.

Environment-safe ink:

This kind of ink is specially designed for DTF printers. The formula of it is safe for human consumption and still suitable for other applications.

Specialty inks:

These kinds of ink are specific for DTF printers and may need special equipment such as conventional offset presses or rotary presses. Besides RGB, the two most common printing inks are white and black, these are:

Titanium white: Titanium white is a water-based ink that has high opacity and offers many color options. It can use on any kind of paper and will not fade over time or when exposed to light.

Laserjet black ink: it is also another great choice if you need black ink that will not fade or run out quickly. And it is so environmentally friendly in the market.

DTF transfer ink

Tips on choosing a DTF transfer ink

Here are some tips to choose the right direct-to-film ink.

Refillable cartridges: check out which kind of cartridge your machine uses. Some printers may use drop-in cartridges, while others need you to buy an individual one. Drop-in ones are cheaper, but they have a limited amount of ink per cartridge.

Third-party cartridges: Check out whether your printer can use third-party cartridges. If it does, you should buy them instead of choosing the brand like HP or Epson. These kinds of cartridges are usually cheaper than the original manufacturer’s one, but they work better too. You can buy a small amount at a time. If you are worried to cost too much ink at a time, you can consider getting one of those high-capacity tanks with extra pumps that can dispense.

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