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Why are there obvious broken line stripes in the printed image of digital printer?


The reason may be the broken needle of the ink head of the digital printing equipment. As long as one ink hole of the pressure point nozzle is blocked, it may cause broken line stripes in the image. If multiple spray holes are blocked, the broken line stripes will become more serious.

The solution is to clean the ink head and clean out the blocked nozzle.

Other possible causes and solutions are as follows:

1.There are sundries in the pipeline of digital printing machine

2.There are impurities in the ink bag. Clean the ink bag pipe

3.Ink contaminated

4.Ink quality problem replace ink

5.Environmental problems. The temperature is too low. Install air conditioner to improve the working environment temperature

6.The nozzle is in poor condition. Replace the nozzle

7.The nozzle surface is too dirty and fluffy. Clean the nozzle surface

8.The blade and ink stack are too dirty. Clean the blade, ink bag and ink stack

9.There is an air pipe in the ink bag of the service digital printing machine to extract the air from the ink bag

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