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Why Can DTF Transfer Printing Machine Beat the Traditional One?

DTF transfer printing machine

DTF transfer printing machine is a kind of printing machine equipment which can cater to the personalized customized clothing market. More and more customers in printing factories choose to change from traditional printers to DTF printers. So why are the current customers are more inclined to DTF printing machine? What advantages can it beat the traditional printing process? Today, SUBLICOOL will share to you about those.

1.The actual operation is convenient and fast and the technical level of process automation is high.

The DTF inkjet printer adopts the method of computer control and easy operation.It has a high level of process automation technology and is closely combined with the Internet. With only one computer, it is convenient to control the printing machine and complete the e-commerce of textile production.

2.Fast response, good rate, high efficiency

In the process of traditional printing machine, there are many technological processes. Such as color separation, film making and screen making. Traditional proofing is usually consumes about one week, which is time-consuming and laborious. But for DTF printing, the advantage of speed further improves the productivity. The company that can take the lead in the market and get out the samples and finished products. So it must stand out from many other companies, and will have a higher chance of getting order information.

In addition, due to the application of computer technology, it can print the same pattern with a series of patterns of different shades. The design of color in the production process has become a major advantage of digital printing technology.

3.Low cost

Traditional printing generally must make the printing plate, and once the printing plate is clear,we cannot change it casually. The DTF printing process only uses a computer, which can make the complicated process simple. In addition, it can simplify the complicated screen making and color mixing process of traditional printing. So this can greatly reduce the proofing cost. Besides, it also improves the supply rate and can complete timely supply.

4.Environmental friendly printing process.

The dyes used in the printing process of direct to film printing process are distributed according to the computer. So that there is no dye waste and no liquid waste in the printing process. So  the printing process will not produce pollution, so as to achieve green production. The process is really far away from the past textile printing production process of high energy consumption, high pollution, high noise, low energy consumption, pollution-free production process, to the textile printing and dyeing industry has brought a technological revolution.DTF printing


Because of the simplification of the process, proofing costs and printing time are greatly reduced, DTF may take the lead in the printing industry. Under the market competition rules that time is money and efficiency is life, the reduction of proofing cost undoubtedly bring more market opportunities to enterprises. It only takes three to five minutes to print a product with DTF transfer printing machine. But the traditional printing process will take a week at the earliest, and the long time may cost half a month to a month. So in the printing time of DTF printing machine process is very advantageous.

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