Why do digital printing machines print samples before printing?


The printing sample of digital printing machine is the connecting process between pre-press production and formal printing. It allows customers to check the final printing effect before printing, so as to make changes, so as to avoid errors in the process of mass printing, and then make time-consuming and laborious changes.

Printing samples by digital printing machine can help customers check whether the text, image, color, page setting and other information contained in the printed pattern are correct, so as to make modifications in time. In particular, the color of the pattern is the most difficult to control in printing, because different printing materials, inks and dot enlargement rate will cause the change of the color of the printed pattern. Therefore, we can conduct proofing test before mass printing to see whether the color is consistent with the design color, make changes in time, and then carry out mass printing.

Printing samples of digital printing machine can be used as contract samples between printing manufacturers and customers. The final printing effect shall be consistent with the contract samples, and the contract samples shall be printed shortly before mass printing, so as to avoid fading and distortion of the samples due to long storage time.

Printing samples by digital printing machine is not only an important basis for controlling printing quality, but also a tool for communication with customers. If customers are satisfied with what they want to do and what effect they want, they can type the samples first, discuss the effect, and then mass produce after modification. Prepress proofing can reduce disputes between printing manufacturers and customers due to unsatisfactory printing effect, saving time and effort.

Printing samples before printing is really important, which allows us to avoid many risks. The higher the accuracy of the produced image, the better the printing effect. Only the clear and realistic pattern can achieve the ideal printing effect.


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