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Why do the printing industries choose digital printing machines?

digital printer

In recent years, digital printing has become a hot topic in the textile printing and dyeing industry. As a new printing production mode, digital printing machine is regarded as the main production force by more and more printing processing enterprises after decades of development. Why is digital printing so popular in the industry? Today I will analyze it for you.

With the rise of global environmental awareness and the improvement of environmental requirements, the traditional textile printing process with high pollution and high energy consumption is facing a huge crisis, and its market space is gradually shrinking. At the same time, digital printing technology has become increasingly prominent in the market with its environmental advantages of effectively reducing energy consumption and pollution in the production process. Therefore, in contrast to the traditional printing and dyeing with many difficulties, the digital printing, which conforms to the trend of green environmental protection and meets the requirements of sustainable development, may usher in a golden age of development and become a “threat” that cannot be ignored by traditional printing.

As an important part of the printing and dyeing industry, printing must also be at the forefront of the industry, based on the basic concept of protecting the environment, using innovative technologies to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. The emergence of digital printing just provides the conditions for the green production of printing.

Now the internal industry of the textile industry is constantly adjusting, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, many printing factories are facing production shutdowns, and many people are worried about the prospects of the textile printing industry. Digital printing has attracted much attention. As a new printing method, digital printing is very popular in this industry due to its advantages of high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect and less pollution. And there are many advantages.

As a senior digital printing equipment manufacturer, Sublicool has been committed to using its own technological advantages to develop and produce practical printing solutions that meet market demands. With the update and iteration of digital printing technology, we have also launched digital printing machines with different printing widths and different numbers of printheads. On the premise of ensuring the printing quality and equipment operation stability, the printing speed has also been greatly improved. favored by many users.

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