Why Do Transfer Film Printer Have Deep And Shallow Channels?

DTF transfer shirt printer
DTF transfer shirt printer

The Transfer Film Printer is a very simple printing device to operate. However, no matter how good the equipment is, once it is not operated properly. There will be some small problems, such as the color is not bright enough, or there are shallow and dark channels. For example, the color is not bright enough, or the emergence of the depth of the road these problems.SUBLICOOL digital printing editor to explain to you Transfer Film Printer in the implementation of the printing task why the depth of the road.

1. Retractable paper system software has friction resistance.

Telescopic paper system software if the friction resistance is too large words, will jeopardize the print paper feeding rate, paper feeding speed copy rate is not consistent, will cause the depth of the shallow road. Therefore, to ensure that the retractable paper system software all normal.

2. The cart frame is not fixed tight (cart operation has a trembling condition).

Trolley carrying the printer nozzle. If the trolley frame has any problems, must cause the nozzle inkjet printer movement track abnormalities.

3. Check the DTF transfer ink is not blocked or flow of ink blocked.

If the nozzle is blocked, the copy out of the color tone is not proportional, will also cause the thick and thin road. Therefore, to ensure that the nozzle in a good copying environment. Besides, the ink supply system is not easy to have blocked.

4. Servo motor is not installed in time.

Servo motor operation to manipulate the rate of paper walking. So servo motor if the installation is not timely, the same will cause the rate of paper feeding anomalies. And servo motor to promote the transmission belt to feed the paper can not be very loose and can not be too tight.

DTF film machine for shirts
DTF film machine for shirts

5. Consumables problems, including copying materials and ink.

So some materials are not uniform, the pet film transfer printing machine for t-shirts ink absorption force is not balanced. It will cause the thick and thin road; not good ink is very easy to cause the blockage of the ink supply system and the nozzle, copying will cause the thick and thin road. This time according to the removal and replacement of consumables to check whether the raw material problem.

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