Why do we choose to invest in DTG printing business?

DTG printing business

When you’re considering getting into a digital printer to start some deals, whether you own a screen printing shop or a distributor looking to sell directly to customers. DTG printing business is a great business way to grow your business by increasing your revenue.

DTG printing is the best way to quickly customize garments. Not only easy to operate, and can be printed on garments with digital inkjet technology. But also can provide a variety of vivid, high-resolution images.

Here’s why we recommend you choose DTG:

1. Extended product range:

When you incorporate DTG printing on hoodies into your clothing business, it means that your product supply will expand. He will not only provide you with popular products, not just t-shirts. But also customize a series of attractive and dazzling products. Besides printing on fabrics that are at least 50% cotton just as some t-shirts, we can easily print on sweatshirts, tote bags, mouse pads, socks custom coasters, and hats.

The good thing about DTG is that you don’t have to worry about the risk of inventory accumulation because DTG allows you to customize on demand. So you can buy blank clothing after receiving the order form when you can better understand the needs of customers and the market. And you can keep relevant materials for backup or purchase in bulk to get low prices.

With the rise of multimedia, many brand patterns are implanted in people’s hearts. DTG can help you make some eye-catching products. With related logos and other designs printed directly on clothing, you can let your imagination run wild to design and customize your brand.

2. Use small batch printing to complete sales:

Complementary to screen printing, DTG’s biggest advantage lies in its cost advantage for small orders, while screen printing is more profitable when it only uses a few colors for large-volume orders.

3.  Cost advantage of DTG garment printer

Whether it is one piece or a hundred, the cost of production remains the same. Once you need a DTG printed garment, all you need is a high-quality image file and a blank garment to start easily. DTG can provide a cost-effective way to personalize custom samples for your screen printing business. This level of personalization will go a long way toward helping customers remember you and winning over potential customers by including your business name, contact information, and logo as samples and printing them in bulk.

DTG printing for hoodies

4. Sustainable development needs

If your customers and customers’ countries value environmentally friendly products, then DTG is really a good choice. Compared with screen printing, solvent ink, and plastisol are used, which contain toxic PVC elements. And DTG uses environmentally friendly inks, some leading DTG printer brands also have label inks that meet international safety standards. And even these inks are suitable for children’s clothing and accessories.

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